Veganism and anti-speciesism is mainly what Vegan Vortex is all about.
We have an urge to show to the world the beauty of animals, including animals that are used in laboratory experiments or living in factory farms.

We wish to make a difference with a positive attitude. You can find short, happy moments and the taste of freedom from our apparel. Our goods shows life as it supposed to appear for all of us. It is a life where everyone has equal right for intrinsic value.


In Vegan Vortex we believe in ecological and sustainable values. We have only one planet, so it seems at least fair to treat it as well as possible.

We like to create things respecting  the nature. All Vegan Vortex products are hand printed in Finland with ecological and vegan-friendly water based printing inks. We use only inks which do not contain toxic chemicals, PVC or phthalates.


We print on organic cotton or other plant based fabrics and recycled fabrics.  All our shirts and tote bags are printed on organically grown cotton and they are tested for harmful substances, dyestuffs and chemicals that may pose a health risk. Our goods spare the planet and are safe in use.  


Vegan vortex brand is a part of small Finnish co-operative called Pirta ja Yrtti. Vegan vortex goods are made with compassion and its biggest goals are to improve position of animals and enhance veganism. We donate a part of our Vegan vortex-brands profits to organizations and societies that advocates animal rights mainly here in Finland. We gladly co-operate with animal right activists, groups or organizations, so don`t hesitate to contact us!

In Vegan Vortex the most important things to us binds together: animal rights, respecting the nature and artistic expression.  We design, illustrate and print our all prints ourselves in our small studio using a traditional screen printing-method.

Vegan Vortex is our concrete and visible way to influence matters.  It is really a dream job for us, to get to do something we really believe in.